First of its kind Human Behavior Intelligence (HBI) Platform - AI/API/SaaS

Picture1.png is the first of its kind Human Behavior Intelligence Platform that is powered by AI, delivered to customers as APIs in a Software as a Service(SaaS) Model

Cover-Bgd.jpg Platform Overview


Singleton Components


Multi-Modal Modules








Customers can build solutions using the components mentioned above. However use cases are limited here due to single component being used to identify face or estimate pose, etc. 






The modules in H2 zone uses multiple components from H1. These are termed as Multi-Modal Modules

FOCUS - Detect Drowsiness and Distraction of a person

HAAPI - Human Activities API can be used to identify key activities relating to Distress /  Anomaly

BODY LANGUAGE - Understand Human Behavior through Pose Estimation

MACRO & MICRO INFERENCES Third Eye - Smart Layer - Behavioral Insights


Multi-Modal Use Cases

Distress / Anomaly Detection

Resource Assessment

Communication Effectiveness

Impact Monitoring Training / Coaching

Multi-Modal Use Cases

H3 is the core of the platform. The platform architecture is designed to utilize H2 modules to deduce Macro & Micro Inferences when coupled with a Smart Layer can lead to Behavioral Insights of the Human Being.

Use cases applies to all industries, pertains to functional groups within any company, be it HR, Sales, Operations, Training, Safety, etc.


What is

  1. Human Elements - Face, Person, Facial landmarks, Body key points, etc.

  2. Human Activities

    • Self - Sitting, Standing, Running

    • With other humans - Fighting, etc.

    • With Objects - Smoking, Carrying objects, Handling objects, etc.

    • Environment - Jumping over objects, etc.

  3. Human Behavior

    • Emotions, Facial Expressions, Gestures

    • Focus - Attentiveness

    • Body Language - Behavioral Insights


Whitepaper Part 3 - ​​Why Machine Learning on the Cloud? Availability - December 2021

Body Language Identification through Human Pose

Human Elements

  • Face, Person, Facial landmarks, Body key points, Face Matcher

Human Behavior

  • Focus Engine (Head Pose estimation, Eye gaze estimation, Drowsiness, and Distraction)

  • Human Activities Identification (HAAPI)


  • Live Stream WebRTC support

  • Supports CPU only Instance

  • User Stats & Dashboard

  • Optimized Pipeline

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Distress / Anomaly Detection

  • Identify activities and cues that convey – Distress, Anomaly type of Human Behavior

  • Use of Face Detection, Face Recognition, Person Detection, Human Activities Detection(HAAPI)

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Use Cases

Communication Effectiveness

For Daily Communication to be effective – Strong Nonverbal Skills matter more than ever

Dr. Albert Mehrabian – Research on Body Language

7-38-55 Rule – 7% Verbal, 38% - Tonality & 55% - Body Language

•Gains prominence in Pandemic, Post- Pandemic – Virtual/Hybrid Work Environment

Extensible to any kind of ‘Communication Effectiveness’ Use Cases- Company Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Talks - where there is an audience involved Bi-Directional Effectiveness

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Resource Assessment

  • Gauge the Focus Quotient (Attentiveness) of a Person – Candidate, Student, Employee, etc.

  • Use of Face Detection, Face Recognition, Focus Engine(Drowsiness, Distraction) & BOLA


Who is for?

Customers who want to build applications to monitor/identify anomalies around human beings and their behavior

  1. What the face tells?

  2. How the person moves?

  3. What action is the person involved in?

  4. What emotions do they exhibit?

  5. What gestures do they make?

  6. How attentive(drowsy/distracted) they are?

  7. Other elements

These customers will be able to use's APIs to build their applications.

Businessmen on Staircase

In our view, many industries are looking to extract more out of Human Behavior to determine efficiency, productivity and ultimately

'timely-cues' to take actions. Some industries(but not limited to) we are thinking of are: Education, Healthcare, Security/Surveillance, Retail,  Media & Entertainment.

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